Jumat, 30 Mei 2014

Amazing Orphan's Christmas

On Christmas Day a group names Pangpolers visited the Happy Home Orphanage in south Jakarta. There they met one of the orphan names Dian who had no family home to return to 

we were spending Christmas Day with a  dedicated members. They were provided with new school bags, snacks, and items for personal hygiene. Additionally we provided a financial support for the orphanage.

Snap Shot during the trip with all riders

Yayasan Badan Sosial Darma Kasih 

Hand over charity donation as a symbol

More video details please check our link :

or check more pictures on streetbike magazine.

Thank you very much, to our members, for all your kindness and care for the children. Many orphans will have food and a loving home. 

God Bless you, God bless Pangpolers....

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  1. Ini baru greget..hehheeheh...mantabs buat SUPERRIDERS berbagi kasih di hari yang penuh kasih...God Bless Everyone :)


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